Monday, September 12, 2011

Strange day

Currently putting in debug code in combat project in hopes of figuring out why my AI is jumping the gun on switching defenses. My guess is this is going to take a lot of debug code and watching and will be something laughably simple as that's how these soft bugs go. The second guess I have is that a less than sign should be a greater than sign. This debuging would have started this sooner but today was an odd day.

So as I have nothing else to say, the strange day. Monday is trash day here. I'm never up before my father who takes it out to the curve on the way to work but I'm always up by the time the trash men roll around in early afternoon. I figure instead of being a bump on a log I'll be the one to bring it in out of the fact I get my online job hunting done in roughly a fruitless online hour and pounding the pavement I save for a monthly basis if I don't get tips on who's looking. Beyond that I decided I had enough laundry to do a load of laundry and planed for the rest of the day. So after getting this done and figuring I have enough food to eat for the day and such I decide to take the trash can into the shed and get back to the door. To find it locked.

There has been a general rule at the house as we both come and go at laughably different hours to assume the door is always locked. It saves the other from having to check if the other is home, asleep, or taking a walk and may be back any minute if they're going out or to bed. This works well for us it however has given me the habbit of lockign the door the instant I open it up to head out.

With the fact I was planing on not going anywhere that day I didn't have my phone or wallet attached to my person. So after scouting every window on the house to find that it would take me ripping open some screen and probably a rock to a window I gave up on breaking into my own house. With the searching I guessed the time was getting a bit past when he would usually return home so I figured waiting it out wouldn't be long. I realized quite quickly that it was very humid out and I was quite wrong.

For a while I stayed around the front door before going off to the "club house" the little area has that we get our mail at. Finding a chair that faced the road my father would come down I sat there for roughly 40 minutes. Sitting there I had view of the local soda machine that spits out a can for 60 cents, not the worst deal for a nice cold can on a hot day when you don't really have access to water. When waiting I seem to get very thirsty very quickly and that machine was not helping. I even had the bright idea of seeing if people threw away 6 cans so I could take a 10 minute walk to the grocery store to return them and come back to my seat with a freshly gotten can of soda. Sadly not a single can was waiting to be return for deposit and the passive waiting was getting to me and I took off for my friends house who was an hour and a half walk away.

A good 20 minutes into that I realize how stupid it was as my father would probably be home by the time I got there so all I was accomplishing was getting to a friends house to call him up for a ride from half way across town and turned around. Getting back didn't change the situation at all so I hunkered down and just started waiting till I saw a neighbor watering the plants. Figured I might as well ask if I could use the a phone. He gave me his cell and a bit of directions and I tried to think up some numbers. It only took a few seconds but I realized I flat out didn't know any numbers, years of having to just use quick select on my phone had erased all but one number so I called that, to find out I remembered it wrong. So the nice guy invited me inside to use his phone book, after a good few minutes of paging through it I hear the tell tale noise of his truck coming in and thank the man for his help to be let in.

It seemed to be a few hours since I took in the trash can. After changing some laundry around I decide to finish off one task and gather 60 cents. I went back to the club house and got a soda to at least feel like I accomplished something in this comedy of errors. With horrible Mountain Dew in hand I came back and lounge on my bed with a fan on where I remained for longer than I probably should have.

Still not quite as bad as when they changed the lock on the front door of the house without telling me when I came back from college in the winter, granted I was used to hiking through snow for long periods of time.


  1. Debugging seems to usually take ages for a very simple problem. It sucks you managed to lock yourself out. I've managed to do that on a large scale once. And I was horrified to find out that my brother was inside all along.

  2. Wow, sounds like quite a day. I can totally understand the heat. It's pretty harsh over here, too.