Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ai brain problems

Took yesterday off to play some games and check some job things. Though today I have been hitting the code hard for the past few hours. In those few hours I've set up all the variables and have been starting to test the ai defense switching in response to getting hit with attacks that punish it for the defense it's in.

variables variables everywhere and I'm this close to needing to watch all of them
The above image is all the default values, I'll be making a monster creator method to tune them to values needed. As it stands it's both due to me trying to do too much at once and not planning correctly. There are probably quite a few things I could reduce or find a more elegant solution to implement but it's eluding me. Though I will say that I did discover a bug in my previous tests as I was only using the default randumb AI pool on accident and that was sorted out.

I'm unsure what it is at the moment due to my AI being a mess of variables. Sorta stumped and more than a bit frustrated though I'm slowly worming my way through it. Not much else to say beyond tomorrow I'll try to think up things more interesting to say. The situation at hand is taxing me a bit and I have some mundane things I was going to work on as well as this that are leaving me a bit brain dead for writing an interesting post.  So nothing interesting till tommorow.


  1. Wow, I do not understand much of that code. But, anyways, hang in there!

  2. @ shaw
    Picked up metal gear solid 4 out of the bargin bin.