Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some things actualy "completed"

Well I stayed up far too much the past two days to try and "reset" my sleep pattern to a better time. Seemingly works as I wasn't tired at all when I woke up early this morning. During those two days I manged to do a bit of programing which surprisingly worked out.

A while ago I had some results of a simple roguelike. It worked out on my end but for whatever reason no one I knew could get it to work for some odd reason. This was annoying and pretty much made me stop working with pygames. Though I had some inspiration working with Tkinter even though I had some bad experiences with it due to a friend and got into some interesting things.

Look ma no pygame.
I looked into the canvas widget which is for drawing polygons and what have you to itself. A bit more reading and I found you could do the same for text. Without too much rigging and reusing some code from the other version I got effectively the same thing down and even went so far as to add some stupid AI to it. May have some bugs but its' done and can be gotten here. Since it's just using Tkinter an inbuilt module of python it shouldn't have errors. Even if it's an earlier or later version I don't think it'll break with how consistent they have kept Tkinter which is very nice.

That said I have looked into Combat Project too with some mixed feelings. For one the code has gotten very long, and very unorganized. I did not plan adding AI well at all. I do have some minor results with it and a lot of time behind it but it's a headache currently trying to add the new features to it. I think I may be putting it on hiatus or taking what I have and working from the ground up around it, because as it stands it's not quite as workable as I like. The system itself may benifit from being moved to something with a GUI as it stands it wouldn't be fun to test. So for now Combat Project is dead until I have a better grasp of how to throw it together. Hopefuly not too long but I stared at it for a half hour just getting my bearings after taking a little break from it and that's a bad sign. Mostly due to my part of not planing ahead. Code can grow like a bad cancer of spaghetti if not thought through and this is a result that I started organizing too late.

To take it's stead I think I will be trying something a bit simplifier. With the current roguelike system in place the "How to Write a Roguelike in 15 Steps" has popped into my head. While I skipped a few things I may start working on a simple roguelike, not that most roguelikes are simple but I'm not going to be trying to reinvent the wheel here. So project 'Simple' Roguelike is go. Though looking at the steps it seems I've skiped a few like saving. Mostly due to just wanting to get something to hit as any roguelike should have but we'll rectify that later.

I could put up a cleaned version of Current Combat project though if anyone wanted though it doesn't have much without the attack AI for the enemy fully functioning.


  1. trying to hard reset my sleep pattern usually never works for me.

  2. Always good to try and get back to a normal sleeping pattern, and also good you didn't waste the extra time you gave yourself.

  3. and this is why I hate software. Now add 60 other people working on your project and see how crazy it gets.