Wednesday, September 14, 2011

progress and doodling

I think I have my variables double checked now. Even noticed a glitch with the attack tags which I fixed. Now I need to do a few more tests and finish up implementation of AI punisher move use. After that some difficulty check and I'll just have this test be "pick a guy and beat him up". Not too involved but should be a good test to see if this idea was worth it.

Other than that I've been trying to do some more drawing and revisiting some of the things I used to do. There is a little exercise that we had in class doing "gesture drawing". The basic idea is we get a model or have a picture shown via projector for 30 to a minute and we try and get down as much as possible. Mostly an exercise for few but accurate and descriptive lines as we can't rely on a model or a scene staying the same for any extended amount of time. I did decently well with this sort of thing, in fact before formal classes I used to do something I called ten minute drawing with some guy I knew online.

Basic idea was we'd throw the other an idea and see what we could get done with it in ten minutes. Results were usually laughable and over ambitious but I always found it good practice. Tried doing some last night with friends and while the results were laughable it was good to get back into the habit so I'll see what I can get done later in it and with some gesture drawings nightly.

A tool I have abused is this site. Posemaniacs is from what I know an English translation of a Japanese site. it has a lot of 3d render models of mostly a muscle layer in various poses for both genders. The thing I used the most was the gesture drawing tool of "30 second drawing". This was practicalyl made for testing your gesture drawing skills as it will go for 30 seconds than instantly change to another random picture from it's library. I've seen a few around that do this but I like this sites. You can even shorten or lengthen the amount of time up to 90 seconds if you are just getting started at the whole thing and don't have a teacher to yell "stop" and force you to draw quicker.

That's about it, any of you doodle in your free time? Or if you're particularly brave/bored apt to throwing a link to something that you throw down in the 30 second drawing flash ap.


  1. posemaiacs is interesting thanks for the link

  2. I used to take a class like that.