Monday, December 24, 2012

Season updates

More progress on the continuation of RPGroguelike. Getting more things set up with a complete overhaul of the internal stat system and the beginning of moving things around to their own modules for my own sanity though not sure how clean it'll be in the end. This mostly was started when my main file hit 4k lines and I was having to use the class viewer and comments to figure out where the code I wanted to work on was. Hopefully it'll stay clean enough for my tastes for a while.

Major updates is status effects somewhat hap haphazardly tacked on and better pick up and equipment systems. Though that isn't much of an upgrade as it was pretty bad before.

Major goal right now is to try and get abilities being gained mid game, enemy abilities, and areas linked to different monsters. Should possibly make a goal sheet for here or something.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More progress

Lunch break and coffee breaks are being productive. Continuing to figure out things and expand on rpglike as it's a working model.

Got an Overworld set up and multiple dungeons/towns working. Some minor glitches with that and need to get individual monster encounters in there but it's a very good start. Got a lock puzzle set up so quickly it's leaving me a little sad I with how legend was holding up, but it is giving me ideas on how to generate the puzzle dungeons more effectivly though I have a lot more work I need to do on room generation.