Tuesday, September 13, 2011

debuging and things that could use some debug

I think I found the first of my problems in combat test. Good old variable mess up. For example block has a block_wait and a block_change and parry, and dodge have similar. The X_change is how many turns at max it can wait to change and block_wait is the actual counter for it. Easy change but showing that you should always make variable names you'll get exactly what they mean on viewing. So going to work on fully testing that out and getting the AI using punisher things itself.

Other than that my Friend finally got me to get the minecraft pre release files as we could try out a server. That didn't work too well. For whatever reason I would log in, load for a while, move around ineffectively then get timedout. Seems to be a reported occurrence with no real work around so we're left with rolling back to stable version until a real update comes out. It's annoying but it's something I can expect.

Though I did make a single player world. Which happened to be an island. With one tree. No farm animals spawned but there was some tall grass. So after carefully harvesting the tree in hopes of saplings I made a farm. From there I hit tall grass for seeds to receive one. This did not seem good with the newly implemented food system. So I left the island a bit to find a few other small islands with tall grass and nothing on them and returned to plant it and do some tree management. Before the wheat was fully grown I found out that you can starve to death in game, now I made the mistake of jumping into the ocean to see if I could get in the seemingly glowing holes at the bottom before I died which I didn't make it too. This messes up my evaluation of "Starving" because I swore it left me at .5 a heart before suffication under water took that away, but I could be wrong.

After that I made another world with more trees and the hunger problem came again. I had plenty of sheep around and got lost getting other meats through hunting. Raw meat I found out does next to nothing for hunger which proved anoying when I started wolfing food down on the last food indicater. Though I have a little wheat farm growing in the middle of a lake and want to get some pumpkins or watermelons to see how they work in game.

While buggy as hell I'm actually very interested to see how food will now play in the game. I also want notch to leave the option of "classic" play style where food doesn't matter but I doubt that'll happen. It'd be a shame though, as he did say there would be ways to ignore food and Creative omnipotent mode isn't quite the way to do that.

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