Saturday, March 16, 2013

7day RL completed

7day rogue like Successful.

Appease the god will be up here in windows executable form. If anything else is needed I'll link.

Link to the executable. I'm far too burned out to say more right now. Was interesting.

Appeasing the god.

Monday, March 11, 2013

7 day rl 3rd day

Lots of progress. Have almost all the item types I want in the game, All the enemy mechanics I want, and the gimmick firmly in place. Now comes the horribly filling of content and figuring out how to balance/make this fun. Not much else to say, happily surprised at progress so far.

And a screenshot for giggles

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Alive for the 7day roguelike challenge

Yep I haven't been updating here at all. Though it's an update now.

I'm taking part in the 7day roguelike challnege and am now taking a break. My current game idea is playing with items as progression, no stat ups you're entirely determined by what you picked up, and mazes. The maze part was more recent but I'm just not liking the cave algorithm I've been using. I'm not a fan of items as character mostly due to their random nature hence why I want to try them out.

So far my framework is out, I'm using python and my tkinter roguelike toolkit to actually blit things to the screen right. So far I have 4 enemy AI and am about to try and get in procedural map generation and ye old fog of war.

I'll try and update this daily but odds say that won't happen.