Friday, March 14, 2014

2014 7 day rl done!

It's done. Here's a link. Cyber Quest. Oh god am I tired. I may post more later.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

7dayrl 20014 project MOV [title] "Cyber" JMP Quest

I haven't touched this in a long time but might as well use it for this. Going to do the 7day RL starting at 10 AM saturday and hacking away the rest of the week.

Working title to keep it from being Cyber Quest is

MOV [title] "Cyber"
JMP Quest

as it's mostly full of programing and digital nonsense. Since I'm bad at the whole tactical roguelike bit being fun and find I really enjoy the standard JRPG formula with a bit of a kick I'm going to work off that assumption. Still going to be some dungeon crawling, still going to be random rooms and loot tables, but now it's less bump and more menu combat. This probably kills it for a lot of people but it's what I enjoy as seen by my working on the currently in redevlopment hell Into the Labyrinth. Also lets me try and make an interesting combat system without going nuts. I'm also going to try and at  least make it look unique with some CRT monitor inspired effects as I can do it easily with libtcod.

Going to take a shower and then soon it will being.