Thursday, September 15, 2011

Planing ahead

Got framework for ai punisher use for combat project done. I may or may not get it out monday but I'm close. I just need to refine a bit more but am happy how close I am. I will have to do a grammar check or something cause as it stands it has some intentional and unintentional phrasing that looks like it came out of a bad translation.

Other than that I have been making some plans for more M&M. Last time we tested a very odd character design against something that was plainly created from my experience with group fights. So something that may not be soloable at all being fought by something that abused a bit of the energy system we were using. So to make a more fair test I'm making something that isn't quite as gimmicky for both sides.

While I have some tricks for the "boss" it isn't quite as bad as the other one. Last one had some healing mechanics, position ones (knocking PC down and away so they'd take a full turn to get back), and just a lot of toughness to get through. A lot was learned but it wasn't quite a typical case. This one is more "standard" some defense tricks with psuedo summons but nothing quite as bad as the other. Throw on some standard and slightly non standard attacks and it should work alright. For the test PC I have something that is called a "blaster" in M&M's ideas. Ranged attack and nothing too fancy.

It'll be interesting to see what the energy expenditure is. For the real game the idea was you defeat monster to get energy from them, run out bad things happen. Defeating these monsters is the only way to get such energy so DM would need a good estimate on what a regular character uses in a fight. I think he vastly underestimated it with original ideas but by how much I'm not sure. It'll be an interesting experiment if we could set aside the few hours for it.I might come back here with results, I like working on M&M but have few people to talk to about it with them being DMs or players of mine.

Other than that I have one game finishing up and another that could use a bit more work on. A sandbox horror game with lots of "surprises" for my players to find. Far too many NPCs for me to keep track of and I really need to define all their quirks and relation with other NPCs. They were generated from tarot draws a while ago and have some simple back story on each one but with around two dozen even a bunch of simple back stories takes  while to flesh out.

So that's my long term entertainment. What are you guys looking forward to working on?


  1. I'm still trying to get myself to do some more writing, but frankly right now I'm glad to have woken up lol.

  2. I was gonna go tackle Dead Island but after I played it for awhile it didn't sit well with me. It's a really shallow and poorly executed game...