Friday, September 9, 2011

Random musings

Yesterday went well thought this week is seemingly wash for Combat project so I'll extend the projected date a week and take it easy this weekend. So just a bit of random musings.

Though I have found out a few things about python. I managed to get multithreading working though it seems the python language is not the most thread friendly language. I managed to use that with a bit of socket work for a simple echo server test. It was interesting to do something that had some non game programing.

I have done work in other languages in a higher end capacity but python has mostly been my personal amusement code. Simple little programs or games of no real value to anyone else. It's easy to transport, quick to set up, and isn't too much of a pain to work in beyond self and whitespace issues so it works well for that. On the professional end I have no code in it, and that was what the people were looking for the other day.

It was a little rough but at least it was something to show the people who were interviewing me along with some older code. It could use a lot more polish and I did cope out with some timeout functions instaed of perfectly avoiding deadlock which would only appearing in 4+ thread cases where something would get stuck on listening for a reply. I considered it a win though getting it all done in one night.

While on that subject, have you guys done anything quicker and more proficiently than you expected when you needed it?


  1. I can't say I have really personally, except maybe the time I wrote an entire report in five minutes after putting it off for two weeks. Man I love procrastination.

  2. I do that all the time, usually things I'm dreading to do that end up being easier/shorter than I originally thought.

  3. I like python for quick stuff, and was playing with django for a while, but my webhost doesn't have it as an option and I cannot get ssh to install it on my own profile.