Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Alpha release?

Blame friends for bad jokes, and me for actually putting them in.
So I guess this is a release? It's not clean, it's probably got spelling errors and game crashing bugs, but god does it feel good to get it made.

I almost deiced to not release it but this actualy makes me excited. I finally got something that halfway looks like a game, this never happens with my little projects. There isn't much to it and bad jokes abound but it is a piece of software with a start, a middle, and an end (that hangs forever). So I decided to put it up. Next steps will be making more monsters, item pick up, and figuring out how to save this.

Simple run of the engine, not even properly re-sized for the GUI. You walk around with arrow keys and proceed through a whole 9 to a treasure. Though there is a trick to it.

Get it here . Should run on cPython 2.6 though made with 2.7. Read me should be iside if I didn't mix up files. Run the Dungeon_Master.pyw to get the game to work.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Break time is fun time

Family friendly entertainment
As I get breaks at work and bring a thumb drive to have music I also bring code to work on. Last night I got to the point where things could hit things and mobs would move around (after much bad AI work) so I added the bad idea of giblets to the code.

Doesn't do anything but it's possibly going to come up more later. Enemies that drop bombs on death for instance or maybe just good old fashioned key dropping. The random gib tile is a thing given by the on death variable I put in the character so it really could be anything. Function passing in python (with default value editing) is quickly becoming my favorite way to make objects. Next up I'll try going about some actual attack and defense things and get towards the final screen sizes. After that tackle dungeon screens with a hard coded maze.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

it begins

<link to music with copy rights here>

So I've revamped the simple rogue like system and spread it over a few files. Easier for me to chew when working on it though a little confusing with all the windows. Right now no movement and such but my tests show it still works for that. Either way progress.

So for this quick blog on break I'm going to go on about my goals for this Zelda Like Rogue Like which really is only taking inspiration from those games. Probably far too much of it considering the format for my goals. The basic goals that are needed aren't even given any tags. The ones that are have special importance. Milestones are goals that I see as doable and would greatly improve the game so I am going for them. Power Goals are goals that I think are great but would require a lot of work and may be more trouble than they are worth, though I think they're worth a lot.

So first off. Main goal for this game. A package of code that can run with vanilla python 2.7 (which I may even package a striped down version with the game to make sure it runs). Not using the Curses library, while it's a roguelike standard I prefer working on it as a graphical approach even if it is a canvas filled with single character text blocks, it just gives me more options that I may use. Now for the List via special categories.

Zelda List

Screens : Rooms both inside and outside
Screen transition *MILESTONE* : Not just teleportation between doors, screen moves in a zelda like fashion between rooms.
Mobs : Standard
Overworld : The large dungeon between dungeons
Dungeons : The crawl
Tool items : Meat and potato of this game. It revolves more around the "tool items" more than monsters and finding better weapons.

Zelda 2 List

Stats : How large or small  I'm not sure
NPCs *POWER GOAL* : And not the vender kind, the ones with random bits of information that could help a player if they get lost, sorta requires towns.
Towns *POWER GOAL* : Where NPCs gather safely and have innae babble

Zelda a link to the past List

Side quests *POWER GOAL* : These technically appear in original Zelda but I remember more little side quests from this game. Get health up and other effects here.

Puzle temples *MILESTONE* : Meat and potatos of game, it'll be hard but it needs to be done. Technically original Zelda had this but in a more prevent you from getting through as you don't have the items that let you move over obstacle way. This is more you need to hit this switch with a boomerang and put a bomb down here and run across room idea.

Own list:

Randomized backstory *POWER GOAL* : I'm not using zelda and I'm not sure where else to get "plot" for. So random list of names and event sequencer could be fun.
"Puzzle" Bosses *POWER GOAL*: I'm not sure where this one started but Bosses being weak to their dungeons item is a common theme.

More to be added at some point or further explained/explored but I think this covers the basics. Only one more thing left

Please don't sue me Nintendo
A bad reason why I'm not using Curses. Wonderful graphical offsets

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not dead just busy

So I officially close the simple rogue like project I've been doing. It's been a fun ride and I learned a lot. but this is not quiting as I actually have accomplished my goals. Killing letters, leveling up, mobs, moving around, picking things up, item use, and changing rooms are all accomplished. Now why am I "giving up"? Because I'm not.

It's changing into something I believe I have enough tools at the moment to do, an actual roguelike with some unique ideas. I'm retentively calling this project "Legend" for which I'll get to in a minute but first. Some progress in traditinal roguelike things. Random map generation.

Ain't it pretty?
Some minor glitches that I won't go into but that's an 11x11 set up of "screens". not a level, but "screens" or rooms for a level. Legend is from what I'm looking at going to be interesting for a roguelike. As it's going to be based on some ideas of the older 2d Legend of Zelda games. This means "screens", boss fights, tools, and most strangely puzzles.

I haven't seen any roguelikes that really have puzzles in them as far as I know. While I'm not attempting something exactly like being in the Legend of Zelda vein It's going to have the same basic idea. You get a tool in the temple, use tool on parts of the puzzle to proceed further. The very basic isn't hard to imagine, just have to have the tool before the parts that require it but I still expect it to have a lot of bugs in coding.

Now I'm not going for ZeldaRoguelike completely but to say this isn't inspired by it would be a lie. What I will be doing is taking the puzzle elements, "puzzle" bosses (if I can), and some other features. Things like Hyrule, rupies, heart containers, Master sword, Triforce, and Ganon will most likely not be making the transition. I'll be making a goal list later at home for what I want to do with this project but I am very excited about it as I actually think it's feasible for me with what I've made.