Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Still alive and looking at things

Haven't been posting for the past few days with mandatory drug tests, pre job paper work, and getting transportation set up. Between that just been trying to keep it cool as I'm going to probalby have a tough first few weeks.

To prepair for that I've looked into some "advanced python programing" on a whim not sure what It'd spit out. And got this video on youtube. "Advanced Python or Understanding Python"is presentation hosted by google for "advanced" topics on python. The quotes are there as I'm not sure where advanced starts and guts of the system begins. It's one of those things that even with the amount of time I've spent with python haven't really gotten into. I can get the gist of most of it especially the objects, some of which I've used such as generators, but some of it went over my head. Some things blow my mind such as the ability and execution of functions inside functions and the possible ability to contain more functions within.

Though there is a positive note to this. While I know that I am not the best python programer out there if this is labeled "advanced" and seemingly things that may never be used by me I might do alright. Beyond that a friend of mine is tentivly looking to try and make a game and I've been trying force him into python using tkinter to help him out with it. Playing with snakes post I made are me trying to refine what the points I was trying to get to him when I tried to "teach" him for giggles at one point.

Other than that been sleeping in as much as possible because the days I can do that are soon to come to an end. Though I'll finally have a job programing which is what I've been after for a long time. But for tonight it's Wings night, wonderful yet horrible for you buffalo wings from Pizza hut. Their "WingStreet" wings have a deal every Wednesday which means I can grab a box of them for nearly 4 bucks. For that price I'm up for getting take out.

All rights for this image owned by pizza hut, please don't sue me.
 While not the best wings I've gotten there isn't much choice around here. Not that many restaurants in the area though there are quite a few bars but doubt they are known for their chicken wings. I've had a quite a few failed attempts at cooking good chicken. Either way it's a nice spicy thing that I do enjoy even it's bad for my health. So with this a question for you guys. Anything you get regularly that's horrible for you but eat/drink it anyways?


  1. Lets put it this way. Rarely do I eat something that is "good" for me.

  2. I want to be a programmer in the eventual future .. seems .. particular :P

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    (greetings with love from, pimp !)