Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quick update

Due to family things and the game later tonight I'll just be putting up this quick update.

Currently have been coding in Combat Test Project to get the counter effect in the parry defense. After some viewing of how the "make attack" method has bloated I decided I need to trim it down and separate it into useful components.  Got the bare parts seperated to allow counter attack to work.

For counter attack I've been stuck on for a while. It's a passive effect that comes along with using the parry defense type. For a while I've been struggling with how to implement it, the basic idea of this engine was to allow you a lot of control of how you defend and attack. The first blush idea was to allow a new smaller pool to be rolled from the successes on the attack but that seemed random. Going off the defense pool seemed silly and going off the attack pool seemed a little too much of a guarantee of a second hit if you're on the offensive.

I've decided to just take the solution of using the attack pool with some penalties to it. It's not the most intersting solution but it'll work for now. As it keeps turtling strategies to a minimum by dividing up potential defense pool dice.

As for next steps I need to get this attack method cleaned up. This means separating all the bonus and penalty searching into multiple methods which is a chore. Though for my piece of mind when working on this it needs to be done.


  1. So exactly what sort of game are you making?

  2. How much longer until you can upload something for show do you think?

  3. @shaw
    Need to gut debug code and make monster AI in all reality. If I manage to get it done in a timely fashion maybe a week, I expect two. I should just set a date to keep me from trying to polish it too much.