Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chihauhau the cat subsitute.

Humidity has been hovering above 90% for the past few days and the house I'm sitting has no AC beyond the master bedroom which I would rather avoid sitting in. Combine this with the couch I've been waking up covered in sweet with I was a little out of it yesterday so sorry for the lack of updates. Today won't make up for that as it's just some ranting as I'm still not comfortable or feeling well here.

I'm currently house sitting a pair of chihauhaus my mother has had for a few years now. I used to even be around when she first got them. She's generally a cat person but some siblings were found to be allergic to cats so we went to dogs. So no more cats were to be had.

We had a lab for a while which was fine. I'm not a fan of dogs, they are just too in your face all the time for me. Always needing to be near you or even in the same room as you. It's not my thing with a pet, I didn't mind the dog and was the primary walker and groomer for her but never really attached to it. After a long winded turn of events we were given a well bred chihuahua. She wasn't too bad at first being scared as could be but quickly learned to bark alot and nip at anyone trying to get into the house despite the general training against it. It never even really bit people as much as run up to a person and place her teeth on whatever is exposed, she learned she can't actually bite anyone but it was still annoying when people were scared and only encouraged it even when they did walk into the house.

Years later the lab had to be put to sleep and we found a less well bread Chihuahua to keep the first compnay. Very well adjusted though scared as can be. It took a while but as long as my mother was around she was fine and people could even pet the new dog or even pick it up. Later she started to bark follow the now dominant older Chihuahuas example so people arriving is a very noisy happening.

The both of them are a lot more forward when my mother is her, being protective to a degree. Otherwise they hide and don't do much when she isn't around, not including running to the door to bark at people. When she's around the both of them will mill about around her or sit on her lap, maybe even play with each other. Right now they're held up in her room which would be bad if they weren't liter box trained so she doesn't have to stay up all night to get them to go outside. They do that too but it's just a backup plan except for the past few days it seems.

They'd be a lot better if they weren't constantly cowering even when they come to meet me. In fact I have one who finally decided to come downstairs and sit on the couch with me but still acts like I'm going to beat it when I full well know it has no abuse in the past. Not even sure if it's better than the dog that is constantly leaning on my leg or always following me around the house.

Well that's that for the pointless rant. So the eternal question, dogs or cats?


  1. I'm more of a cat person, I think.

  2. cats, they're generally pretty chill and do hilarious stuff.