Friday, August 26, 2011

pretending to be a food bloger 2

large wiki gotten image ahoy.

As programing has been boring debug code removal I think I'll switch to something with a little meat on it.

As of late I've been switching up to some home made food that is relatively cheap. My standard problem when I did this before was I'd try and make sandwiches with really cheap processed meat or uncooked meats I'd cook poorly in one way and get sick of in a day. But I have seemed to have found a solution.

It seems that I love pita bread and just in luck my somewhat local grocery store has it. Slightly more expensive than cheap loafs of bread but considering it's about 10 pieces of large flat bread I don't quite mind. After that I went about getting fillings from the deli. While it looks expensive in the 7 to 10 dollars range that's per pound. Asking for a third or half a pound did wonders to reduce the price for my budget. A little bit of hummus on the side for turning the pita bread into snacks and I'm doing quite well with this. Almost done with my first batch of deli meats and cheese and I have a second stack of pita bread waiting for fillings and I'm considering this a success in diet and budget. What I do for dinner is always the problem though I've been working on it.

So what staples have you guys tried over the years for food? Or have tried and found them to have utterly failed?


  1. Well, considering I'm going to Japan for a year, I'm preparing for lots and lots of rice. Which is a pretty good staple, when you think about it.
    Pita bread is delicious, too.

  2. That actually sounds like a pretty good idea, maybe I'll give it a go, I am always failing at finding things I like to eat that aren't pushing me five seconds closer to my inevitable death.