Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Graphical limitations

Yesterday had an unexpected changes so didn't get to do much yesterday. Though today I did grab a few things and even got pygame downloaded. I'll get to what this means in a minute.

For the most part I am not used to graphical approach to programing. I don't have the math for fancy 3d effects and 2d painting to a screen can run into some annoying issues. I have done a bit of both, never really took a fancy to it. Basic python is console based so text only. While that's fine with me I think I could move onto other things.

Python comes with an inbuilt graphical GUI system called TKinter. It's like using inbuilt system things or HTML things, everything is standard issue and pretty uniform. I personally don't like using it, in it's default mode it shoves everything in a left, center, or right aligned fashion and unless you start using different containers which I ran into problems with you can't exactly place based on X and Y coordinates.

This is inbuilt and has issues with a number of image formats. The kind I like to export to. There are solutions to this that involve other modules. pygame is such a module but as the name suggests it comes with other games too. I haven't worked with it but I plan on doing a bit of tutorial looking. Nothing too complex for now but learning new coding things is something I should really do more of.

I may not be doing anything here with it for a while though it would be nice to upgrade the current system into something that's more appealing. The current goal in having it coded is that with minor adjustments I could run it with a graphics engine.

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