Monday, August 22, 2011

link to other site day

Not much to say here. More fixing up methods and other things. Though recently I found the Rogue Basin wiki and figured I should link it.

One of the attractions is that it has a very long list of roguelikes. Both "complete" versions and ones in various states of development. It even has a decent desertion of each one. On top of that there is a running list of recent updates to roguelikes it follows which is nifty. I haven't caught up on my general ones like dungeon crawl: stone soup but I even got to see that had a recent update.

The thing I enjoyed looking at though was various discussion on roguelikes in the making state. A How to write a roguelike in 15 steps is possibly something I should consider following. There is even some discussion on what makes a rogue like a rogue like buried on the site. Interesting things to me that almost make me want to drop combat project and work on a simple graphical thing. Won't be happening but is getting me to take down some simple ideas and possibly line up a "15 step" approach to doing something graphical.

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  1. I don't really like Roguelikes that much. They all feel the same to me. Some of them are pretty good, though.