Wednesday, August 24, 2011

AI concerns and clean up.

Entering in the punisher move for bonus against parry and thinking about AI while generally cleaning it up. Not much to say about it so I'll dive into what I can discuss.

The current thought is how is the AI going to have and use edge abilities. For the most part they are specialized and require some "thought" behind them in use. One thought is that it can "cheat" and just have a timer to see if you stayed in a defensive position for x turns. It's simple and effective but unsatisfying. I don't want to make this too complex so I decided having some random dice maxes based on what type it is. Give it a chance to suprise a player while having a tendancy to lean towards one type.

Beyond that I think I'll have the AIs picking pools be very simple, possibly stupidly so. At the moment I have little idea on what is the best strategy for going about an turn though some ideas have been thought of. It's a start at least.


  1. The AI should have some surprises in store for the player, yes. Having it fall into a familiar pattern only to pull something unexpected out all of a sudden is a great way to mix things up.

  2. This sounds so complicated. How many of these systems and inner-workings will be evident on the player's end?

  3. @ shaw
    This is one thing I'm struggling with to solve. At best it's 5ish choices for the player per turn. A GUI layout would make it a lot easier or some other terminal system. I could use ideas though.