Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bugs and addition

After losing cords, buying new ones, and getting caught in the rain I decided to get some coding done. Just simple addition of the defensive side of dice manipulation. The things I found made my mind spin a bit.

sums it up in bad mspaint
Found some serious bugs and some serious basic mistakes that I could chalk up to flipping my variable check format between abilities but still was inexcusable. It's a bug that the code runs but it doesn't crash the program when  encounters it but still produces wrong results. Like accidentally forgetting to convert from metric to imperial for one step the instruction sorta "work" until you look at the whole.

Never claimed to be the best programer but when I'm flatly disallowing my design decisions not to work is kind of disheartening. Well it was caught and hopefully fixed, I believed I had tested out but work now, though I'm going to debug this much harder later to be sure. That aside I did make a new feature with the place holder name of "spirited defense".

Spirited defense removes the highest die in a pool up to the max face*2 you paid for out of edge. Currently do not have this or it's defense pool wrecking sibling Spirited attack having multiple versions of itself but it should prove trival beyond whatever bugs I can make as I put in due to working on it. Along with this I decided to reduct the amount "armor" can provide. Previously it was gainable through using block defense which is a free and lasting effect in combat and it deducted 1d10 + 1d10 per 3 successes in the pool. With attacking being the same type of formula for damage this meant a lot of soak and even the possiblity of a great attack where you roll three 3d10 dice being absorbed because the armor rolled a 10. I'm not quite a fan of percentile reduction at the moment so I decided to let the armor roll be 1d5, at least half the time when the dice are rolled it's a guaranteed amoutn of damage on a die by die basis. I may crunch the numbers later but for now this works.

So with that out of the way have you guys ever come across your own work at a later time and found it quite lacking? Especially if you swore it worked and was quite good.


  1. Of Pericles, to rage the city turn, Following!

  2. re-factoring is a part of design. Keep at it.

  3. Nope, everything I ever do is instant perfection ;D
    Just kidding.