Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Family dinner

Just a little update. I got swift strike the "slow initive" punisher for combat project. Not hard to code but I did a lot of upkeep in moving around methods and trying to divide up the workload to keep it from becoming spagetii code. The main damage engine is the next on the list for this. After that some thinking it seems, but I may start finalizing it to throw up some examples on here.

What's been keeping me away from this besides my own laziness is general job hunting and today some family dinner. Not complaining, I love food I don't have to cook. It just always tastes better. Today was a sorta special occasion a cousins birthday and simultaneously wishing him and his sister well as they go up to college for the year. Hopefully do better than what I did.

Food itself was good, nothing you'd find at fine dinning restaurants but home grilled and cooked food just has something for it. Among the home made dishes my Grandparents made there were something called No name steak burgers they picked up. These slabs of frozen meat were alright burgers of large portion size. Usually I'm quite good at eating but these things are still leaving me a bit lethargic thoughly luckily not sick. Seemingly have a problem of eating some types of food if I don't eat them on a bi monthly basis.

Anyways not much to show for this post. Seems to be the season for cookouts and such. While I like the fall and winter that follows a lot of people are dreading it. So with that does anyone who's still in the summer months have any plans before the fall officially rears it's ugly head?

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  1. My plan is to try to enjoy these last days of summer while I got them.