Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Building a better brain

Not much to say but making this quick.

I've come up with the basic functions of the AI. For the most part It's driven by what type it is which sets some of the initial variables. Easiest thing to set up is percentage of each pool goes into pool. Each pool has two numbers per AI type. The first indicates how many it takes, second indicates the face of the die it takes. I didn't want to make it complicated so face is determined by lowest, heights, and random which just takes anywhere form the sorted dice list. Hopefully this gives the monsters a somewhat knowable action without you being able to always predict it.

It's defensive set up may change from round to round just like the players. It may have a favored defensive set up that when it hit with a punisher move for it It'll shift to a regular dodge periodically if you try to repeatedly use it. The only problem I see here is that punisher moves do a lot of damage, so much it may be a bug and I may have to bring out the debug code just to double check.

After that is it's own use of punisher abilities which I have explained before. Though I will give a brief explanation here. The AI will roll some dice when it sees  a defense used it is allowed to exploit, if it sees that again after the rolled turns it will set up the edge ability in one or two turns. This may have a few holes in it but I don't want teh ability to just chage defense every turn to negate the enemy ability to use edge abilities, IE it sees you used block so it prepares armor breaker next turn which you use dodge where it does nothing and then you go back to block repeating the cycle and just making it use edge for no reason.

Other than that it's coming along decently. Going to try and get down the rest of the basics in the AI class tonight and see what tomorrow gets me to do.


  1. Good luck with the AI, but you do have a good system to start with.

  2. Keep on with that progress train

  3. Sounds pretty reasonable for an AI to do.