Thursday, November 22, 2012

thanksgiving release RPG Roguelike proof of concept

So I've got something finished and pushed it through py2exe and heres the link

RPG roguelike proof of concept

Its got bugs and even the ending is a bit buggy but it's still my first finished game. Which is sad as it is poorly coded to me at least but it's done. Still I'd like to expand on this idea and this is more of a proof of concept, not going to expand this actual chunk of code but going to probably use it as a basis to make someting more fleshed out. The floor generation could use a sledge hammer on it as it is pretty boring though following original 'rogue' in spirit. Read me is put here just for convenience of filling this out. Also finished before deadline, yay.

RPG roguelike Proof of concept.

run main.exe to play

A simple RPG combat system fitted on top of a very basic roguelike idea. Go through 10 floors to defeat the evil demon lord.

forewarning : This game was more of a steping stone for me to complete a project and learn from the experience. The game probably has more than a few niche bugs that I have not encountered and may never fix. Also the balance is somewhat skewed. Also there are bad jokes in here, the character selection for one.

Character classes

Rogue : A thief who starts with the highest dodge. Rerolls dodge bonus for going first in combat and running away from encounters. Uses cowardly tactics to increase success of dodge rolls.

Fighter : A warrior that starts with the highest hp. Rerolls strength bonus to attacks. Uses tactics to lower a foes chance to dodge or protect an friend by making them harder to hit.

Wizard : A Mage who starts with a wand. Increases damage done with wands. Is able to cast spells that ignore toughness damage reduction and create a shield on self and friends that may completly nullify an attack, this is however unerliable.

Cleric : A man of faith who starts with the most potions. Is able to call down a smite on foes that always hit and heal allies however is not entirely reliable.

Paladin : A man of faith and steel. Rerolls toughness bonus for reducing damage. Has an oath to protect when used on a foe rolls dodge to get in the way of the attack regardless of the target on a friendly target will always intercept the attack.

Peasent : Repressed extra brought into the dungeon, not really a good option doesnt' even have class abilities.


Arrow keys - move cusor around
Q Quaff - use a potion on the target to heal.
A/Enter Attack - Attack selected target
Z Zap - use a wand to deliver a massive magical attack at the target
S Stance - change the character to a regular stance
C class stance - use the class stance for class specific abilities.
R Run - run away from battle.

Outside of battle
Arrow key - move character around
S Stats - view stats
P Pick up - pick up an item off the ground and give it to a party member
> Go down stairs - Go down some stairs.
Enter Accept option - used in menus

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