Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rise from your grave.

So I have tried things. I am both pleased it works as well as horrified that it works.

With more instinct and less planing I have thrown together a system. I am unsure if I've talked about the "RPG roguelike " on here extensively or not but I have had the idea of a party based roguelike that uses traditional RPG combat. While not very roguelike it was always something I had in mind and so I used the idea as a basis to just throw something together. Bad code practices, no planing of expansion, ad hoc addition of new features, and for no reason it became more complete and better functioning than anything else I planed. Even only really done on a trip to a friends house and done on lunch break but here is some things.

Combat from a more civilized time.
The bread and butter of the game. Guys on the right, enemy on the left. They smack each other until one expires. There isn't much to this, while the stat system is somewhat interesting and different combat is pick an enemy hit enter to hit, force someone to quaff a potion, and maybe zap some wands. A little bit of complex things with classes such as cleric having healing/smiting ability, wizard effectively zapping a smaller wand, and rogue being able to bravely run away. Right now fighter is shafted until I do some thinking on how to just toss in his class feature of making allies harder to hit.

Every roguelike needs that Z key to be very important
Some items scattered about. Nothing to brag about, characters can only have one wand at a time, one piece of armor, and sadly no weapons. I plan on putting weapons in soon but the typical "nothing complicated" philosophy has deterred me from adding it as the state of the game currently works.

Move A'tt for great justice
Rooms are small, whole screen is too small right now. I have a bad testing default that lets me look at code and the game screen at the same time. I want to try for a 4x4 room set up and maybe something that resembles interesting rooms instead of this generic grid. Also fog of war, it's not interesting to explore without a fog of war.

Good, bad, he's the guy who starts with the wand.
I said before 4 classes. Each class has different starting stats that matter less and less as the game goes on but have their own  class stance. Class stances are a cheap cop out instead of having menus during combat but it's seemingly working well. I plan for at least one more class and maybe taking out one joke class I added in to amuse my friends I sent this to.

Current plans for this is to polish up what I have, squash some bugs, add another class and some features, and see if I can push this into an exe format. We'll see if I can get this all done before thanksgiving.

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