Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekend with cats

Just a short post. I haven't done much to note today beyond get a quick call to house sit and take care of some cats. Taking a few hours to coordinate the efforts and go over a few things that need to take care of and I'm here. It's not much of a problem for me as that with the renovation of some bridges it takes longer to get to said house.

Though to make this more relevant I am going to be working on Combat Tester a bit. Going to include the first series of Edge abilities. First being the armor break one and then maybe a bit of dice pool manipulation on the opponents side. The main problem I have at the moment with the dice pool manipulation is when it goes off. I am trying to keep it open for future developments of including multiple player controlled characters and enemies.


  1. When you get to it are you going to be looking for ppl to help with testing?

  2. @convictus
    The general goal was 3 enemies and a better system, I could get there soon I suppose but it still doesn't' feel like much.

  3. Since when do cats need to be house sat? Just leave them food and water

  4. @Shaw
    And their litter box changed so they don't leave piles all over the house.

  5. I hope you had fun with the cats. Did you see them do anything funny?

  6. @funny pets
    A few things yes, I sadly had no chance to snap a picture of the strange ways one liked to sleep.