Monday, July 18, 2011

High heat and goalposts

Living in an area known for cold weather and white outs does leave you quite vulnerable to heat waves. Also having no reliable mode of transportation exacerbates things. The past weekend was the start of the heatwave up here so it's been a bit of suffering, combined with the fact I did a little leg work for job hunting I'm quite beat today. So short post but I have done something more than make a post about hot weather.

Soldiering on though I started putting in the ground work for the "edge" system. While not thrilled with my first draft of it I'll work on it and see if anything else shakes loose. I have it set up in the ability to accumulate "edge" that can be spent as a free action for effect. At the moment it's just a trivial check of activation but it's enough to show me bugs aren't popping up at the moment. I know they are somewhere deep in the recesses of my code but they haven't been crawling on the floors yet.

My first goal is to put in some of the opportunity skills that can make fighting blocking or guarding foes easier. With that I'm going to have to change up AI a bit, so seeing enemy X does not mean "drop at least X points into edge and spam armor break". I had the thought of taking some of my AI programing ideas and applying it for this but it would be far too early and complex. After that I want some dice pool manipulation, I have some rough ideas that I don't know if they are overpowered or not, but that's what testing is for.


  1. Heat hasn't been affecting me much, I'm thankful this time of year that I live near the ocean.

  2. I hate heat -_- I'd much rather be too cold than too hot.

  3. West coast reporting in and this is the summer that wasn't. Seriously the rest of the US is melting and we can't get out of the 60's