Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prognosis Terminal.

For a change of pace I think I'm going to talk about programing. In this case about the Python language.

All rights to Python belonging to Python Software Foundation and all and is quite open source at the moment.

With that hopefully leganise fulfilling line I have to say I like python. During a class called principals of programing I was introduced to this little language and was both astounded and annoyed by it. To this day the feeling hasn't changed much. It's easy to get on any computer and for most applications of it you don't have to download a bunch of dlls or development kits to work with it. It's also very easy to program in from my perspective at least. I've used it almost exclusively for a while now as I haven't been bothered to get anything more complex than it. It gets my simulation data done and I don't need anything heavier at the moment.

Though it does raise some ire in me. For one it uses white space to separate blocks of code, may not mean much to the laymen but when I have a scroll horizontally to see what I'm working on it gets on my nerves.
I really should use spaces but they look ugly

Granted this is a very messy nested loop that I possibly could have done better through diving up the load in different methods but it was a quick dirty Monte Carlo test, along side some actual expected averages,  I wanted to get done. The next on the list is a blessing most of the time until it comes to debugging. Python being an interpretive system does not care about variable decleration or even type until it tries to do something with it. More than a few times I have been stuck debugging a misspelled variable that was oddly another variable of a different type while looking for a logic error.

Another down side that doesn't quite bother me is the GUI or visual portion. While it does have an inbuilt one of TkInter though I question some of it's practices. Though I'm not much of a visual person, terminal output and input is often enough to acomplish what I've done. Most of this is easily remedied if you know what you're doing visual wise or even if you hunt down some modules to expand python. Eve online is made with python if I remember correctly. How much python is hard to say, I have never looked into the guts of their system files to see if there would be any reconcilable extensions.

Hmm a bit short. Maybe tomorrow I'll try my hand at making some sort of python tutorial.


  1. python has a special place in my heart, I love just running in the interpreter.

  2. Well, most of this went over my head since I have no programming experience.

  3. @Shaw
    Yeah I figured that would be a possibility it's hard to know what goes over peoples heads when you're knee deep in it. I should consider doing the "basic game" tutorial.