Sunday, June 19, 2011

pretending to be a food bloger

I like fast food. There is something more satisfying for me to go out, drop 8 dollars on the most unhealthy thing I can think of and get it in under 5 minutes and start eating it all than spending 3 dollars on something that takes 3 hours to cook a sink worth of dishes for prep work and will feed me for a week if I'm careful.

Sufficent to say I don't do that very often. In fact my current budget runs around doing the second part so I can pull off the previous when I feel like it once possibly twice a week. Food stuff may be coming up on this blog as I like to try new recipes and I could be talking about the joys of trying to make wonderfully cheap pork chops into something with a bit of red pepper, but not today. Today I want to talk about horribly fattening food.

Now why do I bring this up? Slightly because I haven't gotten up the urge to talk RPG theory and mostly because I have just discovered that McDonald now has 6 different sauces for their parts is parts nuggets. Not having access to television at the moment has rendered this an actual surprise to me. A quick run to the site gives me this list: Honey mustard, Tangy Barbecue, Sweet and Sour, Creamy Ranch, Sweet Chili, and Spicy Buffalo. When this happened, I don't know but I was game for Spicy Buffalo, and it was actually decently like mild buffalo sauce. A bit of a vinegar kick to it but not much. Still should have gotten the old standby of sweet and sour though. Not bad though, still surprised to see Buffalo sauce making it to a sauce though.


  1. While I too eat food, mostly of the edible kind, I find the lack of dogs disturbing. What better way to fix the pet problem than by finding a new use for them? Not to mention that it's one of the cheapest food sources you can find. Please let me know a bit more on your k9 cuisine.

  2. I say cook them like pork, possibly rabbit. I don't know their fat to muscle content.

  3. spicy buffalo is one of the best meals i ever had

  4. As I understand it's different in a lot of ways in America, but the non burger foods at MacDonalds are typically edible, with a lucky few pieces being genuinely good. Your taste in pig still makes you a monster though.

  5. Devourer of baconJune 21, 2011 at 6:10 PM

    What the hell is wrong with pig? Bacon is one of the best foods in existence.

  6. 6 different sauces you say? Hahaha.
    and come on buddy, pretending is the best thing since sliced bread.