Friday, June 17, 2011


I like table top games. Granted I never have people in real life to play them with so I mostly go through IRC channels. Played quite a few games over the years with some long lasting ones still going, even running one myself with plans for another but that may be for another post.

I've known qutie a few systems, even some poor homebrews back in the middle/early highschool school days when I wanted to get in but honestly thought that D&D was a bad thing and tried to skirt the issue by looking at online homebrews which were probably unplayable. Granted never played them till I got roped into some D&D group. 3.5 edition, with minmaxers who have played since advanced D&D that seemed to enjoy custom random tables than the bread and butter of D&D. Learned a lot of things back then, never actually played too much though. Years later I bought my own collection of 3.5 books and failed to start my own thing. Only in college did I actually playing online. Found a group for "magical girl" game and decided I could at least laugh while the ill conceived idea exploded into flames. Didn't turn out that bad, system was a bad choice but it's my main group to this day.

Pen and Paper gaming online is something a crap shoot. Lots of horrible things out there and horrible people, should know I'm one of them to a degree, but if you find the people that can put up with your idiosyncrasies just as much as you can put up with theirs while being open about what you actually can't stand in a game without instantly rage quiting you can do fine.

Anyways current systems I've been exposed to or played in rough order.
Horibad homebrews
Earthdawn (thought it was a board game)
D&D 3.5
Mutants and masterminds 2nd edition
Cthulhu Tech
Chaosium Call of Cthulhu 6th
D&D 4th edition
Dark Heresy
Various Dark Heresy home brews.

I know I missed a few but it escapes me. I also actually have my foot in those home brews actually in some online channels, not sure if it's kosher to go about them here. I can say that no game really wins mechanically over the others, they all have their glaring faults and broken features in some places. Though if you focused on that you'd be missing fun of actually playing them.

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  1. To be fair, most real life table top gaming is as much of a crapshoot. It can go very wrong. Especially when drama gets involved as it inevitably will.

    Also, I'm curious, how did you think D&D was bad? Just a waste of time or because of groups like BADD?