Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Upcoming 7day roguelike

RPG like is getting lots of additions now for abilities which will be a core part of the game. Anything that doesn't use status effects or anything fancy only takes about an hour to set up and bug test. That said I was going to take a break in the upcoming month to make a simple roguelike just to keep my skills sharp and back off from working on rpglike. Thought being that a little break will have me come back with fresh eyes, luckily for me the 7day roguelike challenge is coming up and I think I'll take part in it.

I have a good idea what to do and with that said will be trying to use my current python "engine". Since you're allowed to use toolsets and such I'm going to use it as well otherwise I'll just be reprograming it in a small amount of time. So to prepare I'm going to do the mini roguelike before that to see what breaks on the engine. Actually excited for this, not sure how well I'll do but I'm going to do it.

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