Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not dead just busy

So I officially close the simple rogue like project I've been doing. It's been a fun ride and I learned a lot. but this is not quiting as I actually have accomplished my goals. Killing letters, leveling up, mobs, moving around, picking things up, item use, and changing rooms are all accomplished. Now why am I "giving up"? Because I'm not.

It's changing into something I believe I have enough tools at the moment to do, an actual roguelike with some unique ideas. I'm retentively calling this project "Legend" for which I'll get to in a minute but first. Some progress in traditinal roguelike things. Random map generation.

Ain't it pretty?
Some minor glitches that I won't go into but that's an 11x11 set up of "screens". not a level, but "screens" or rooms for a level. Legend is from what I'm looking at going to be interesting for a roguelike. As it's going to be based on some ideas of the older 2d Legend of Zelda games. This means "screens", boss fights, tools, and most strangely puzzles.

I haven't seen any roguelikes that really have puzzles in them as far as I know. While I'm not attempting something exactly like being in the Legend of Zelda vein It's going to have the same basic idea. You get a tool in the temple, use tool on parts of the puzzle to proceed further. The very basic isn't hard to imagine, just have to have the tool before the parts that require it but I still expect it to have a lot of bugs in coding.

Now I'm not going for ZeldaRoguelike completely but to say this isn't inspired by it would be a lie. What I will be doing is taking the puzzle elements, "puzzle" bosses (if I can), and some other features. Things like Hyrule, rupies, heart containers, Master sword, Triforce, and Ganon will most likely not be making the transition. I'll be making a goal list later at home for what I want to do with this project but I am very excited about it as I actually think it's feasible for me with what I've made.


  1. Sounds good. Will it get a proper tileset?

  2. @shaw
    I could whip up a tile set but really just using text at the moment.