Thursday, January 19, 2012

it begins

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So I've revamped the simple rogue like system and spread it over a few files. Easier for me to chew when working on it though a little confusing with all the windows. Right now no movement and such but my tests show it still works for that. Either way progress.

So for this quick blog on break I'm going to go on about my goals for this Zelda Like Rogue Like which really is only taking inspiration from those games. Probably far too much of it considering the format for my goals. The basic goals that are needed aren't even given any tags. The ones that are have special importance. Milestones are goals that I see as doable and would greatly improve the game so I am going for them. Power Goals are goals that I think are great but would require a lot of work and may be more trouble than they are worth, though I think they're worth a lot.

So first off. Main goal for this game. A package of code that can run with vanilla python 2.7 (which I may even package a striped down version with the game to make sure it runs). Not using the Curses library, while it's a roguelike standard I prefer working on it as a graphical approach even if it is a canvas filled with single character text blocks, it just gives me more options that I may use. Now for the List via special categories.

Zelda List

Screens : Rooms both inside and outside
Screen transition *MILESTONE* : Not just teleportation between doors, screen moves in a zelda like fashion between rooms.
Mobs : Standard
Overworld : The large dungeon between dungeons
Dungeons : The crawl
Tool items : Meat and potato of this game. It revolves more around the "tool items" more than monsters and finding better weapons.

Zelda 2 List

Stats : How large or small  I'm not sure
NPCs *POWER GOAL* : And not the vender kind, the ones with random bits of information that could help a player if they get lost, sorta requires towns.
Towns *POWER GOAL* : Where NPCs gather safely and have innae babble

Zelda a link to the past List

Side quests *POWER GOAL* : These technically appear in original Zelda but I remember more little side quests from this game. Get health up and other effects here.

Puzle temples *MILESTONE* : Meat and potatos of game, it'll be hard but it needs to be done. Technically original Zelda had this but in a more prevent you from getting through as you don't have the items that let you move over obstacle way. This is more you need to hit this switch with a boomerang and put a bomb down here and run across room idea.

Own list:

Randomized backstory *POWER GOAL* : I'm not using zelda and I'm not sure where else to get "plot" for. So random list of names and event sequencer could be fun.
"Puzzle" Bosses *POWER GOAL*: I'm not sure where this one started but Bosses being weak to their dungeons item is a common theme.

More to be added at some point or further explained/explored but I think this covers the basics. Only one more thing left

Please don't sue me Nintendo
A bad reason why I'm not using Curses. Wonderful graphical offsets