Friday, October 7, 2011

Worker bee

I really need to update this more. Getting used to a very early morning shift is proving to be difficult and leaving me a bit lazy in the afternoon. On the plus side I've learned quite a few tricks with python.

But enough with that. I have been minorly tinkering with some things. A few more lines in the roguelike mostly for door use and some musing over how to do text messages. Though much hasn't been done with that, though I did however go through to what point in my favorite list is.

Bout at step 5 though I'm trying to add doors as those seem like a challenge in my schema. Saving will be interesting though I've been playing with saving files on the job.  While this may be over your heads and I haven't touched it at all in playing with snakes I'll go on about it. Python actually has an object tokenizer (I belive it's called this) so long story short it can write large chunks of data to a file in some internal format. It's neat, though I may be skiping it with how my code works, maybe for a later project I'll use it whole sale but I don't know how deep or shallow it goes with objects inside objects.

Speaking of playing with snakes it's almost time to get to it's goal of a simple "fighter" system. I think roughly 4 more topics and it could start being put together. Though I'm still unsure how well I'm getting the concepts across. Scope for instance is really hard for me to explain but I understand it decently well through usage, the nomenclature and reasoning it out with others is beyond me though. While not entirely spoilers I have loops, classes, I/O, and actually using a file planed. How well I'll execute it remains to be seen. Either way that's my poor attempt at an update, I'll rest a bit less this weekend and actually try and get some stuff done in my free time. Been getting a little lax with rewarding myself for the job.


  1. I'm sure you'll do a great job explaining, if I understood - it's all well! About sleeping, when you know you will change schedules, if you can, don't just start sleeping in a different schedule, start shifting about 20 minutes a day until your desired time, then your body should adapt nicely.

  2. Rewarding yourself with laziness, you sound like me lol

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