Saturday, October 29, 2011

a roguelike update?

So after weeks of doing nothing with it and playing with other Tkinter components I present.

It's an update. Not the best one and actually glitchy. There are quite a few things I don't like about it but following the ideas for making a roguelike I shouldn't be so hard on myself.

First is that it's hard coded, the 5 lines you see there are positioned there, I'd like it to be at the bottom of the viewable screen. This could possibly be easy to do but I was tired when I finally finished this up so it got hard coded to see it. Not something I should beat myself up over but I like dynamic structures, it helps for changing layouts later.

Second Tkinter canvas centers blocks of text. I do not like this at all. I may have to write my own code to properly justify things to the left. Not sure why Tkinter would think this is a good way to do things considering it works on standard top left coordinate scheme but it's the reality, maybe there is an option to do it that way.

Third it doesn't work. It fills out fine until the sixth item is hit, in which it should "push" all the ones before it up once and the topmost one into nothing. Right now it doesn't do that and I didn't get into the guts to find out why.

Fourth odd glitch. Players will hit themselves after moving on their first spawn. I do not know why but only noticed this with output.

Now for the nice things.

I got it done. It's progress. More than that I discovered a nice feature, with the way I have things move and attack each other enemies moving into each other will attack. This lead to some very confused minutes when I noticed this but it works exactly as it should. I would just need to add in some triggers to count allies as walls for movement purposes to avoid friendly fire, for now it's funny.


  1. Sounds like a lot of hard work. Hang in there!

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  3. Oui, sorry to hear about bugs man. I hate trying to debug.

  4. Wish I could try it, even if it is buggy :P