Sunday, September 9, 2012

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Not much to say here. I've gotten some dungeon generation code down that I like and works... most of the time. Right now it's step on switch and somewhere a wall moves so that you can pass and go forward. It's rough around the edges but it has some potential. Right now there is a bug where sometimes rooms will magically disappear and link wrong by overwriting a doorway so that you'll walk into the room and walk out of the doorway you just went through to enter an entirely different part of the dungeon. Effectively this makes it so that you can't go back past that point as the doorway that did it was replaced with another one. So fun times trying to fix this bug. For giggles here's a screenshot. I have arrows added as a shift + directional button and may use this as the standard for ranged attacks. I also have FoV made because I thought I could hack out something and well I did. Probably won't be in Legend but it was successful programing. Also added is a menu system to the left, not sure if it'll make it to the game but it was something to try.

mostly explored room
Room east of first one with 2 switches
Stepping on a "switch"
Firing an arrow at the fake door

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