Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Haha delays and the need for flow charts

I've been slacking. Quite a few things going on but in the end I have been slacking. Trying to now schedule my time a bit more effectively and actually set some times to sit down at home and get through the hard bits which seems to be popping up in the two projects.

First off in Legends is actually getting a dungeon randomly generated with keys. Have the corridors system set up and and the key placement set up. Should be a very easy goal to accomplish but debugging it took some wind out of me so had switched up to figuring out inventory. That's mostly been designed but some problems have come up that I need answers for, mostly whats the best way to "stack" bonuses from items and interactions between items and other entities. It was real simple in my simple roguelike as just damage was passed back and forth but I plan on having some things like elemental effects of the classic zelda nature. Freezing and setting on fire namely. So without a clear plan on that it's sorta slow now. It can be done and I just need to focus a bit more on it.

RPGlike is actually going along well, getting casting in and all that. The problem is that it's slowly becoming a mess of spagettii behind the combat engine scenes with how the input is coming in and I need to figure it out before I get to the point where I consider rewriting the engine  with every new feature. So long short, I need a flowchart for both of my projects fast. So that's my next goal is to hammer out something looking like a plan for the current systems I'm working with and match code to it so I can better divide my effort instead of stopping dead at walls.

In other news my friends project is developing nicely with me hammering out the heavy lifting parts. Funny how that works but since this is so bare bones it's like junkfood to me and get things done on coffee breaks, I don't think I'll be putting most of my scheduled time to this as it's a text based game but good lord it's nice to have things work.

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