Friday, March 30, 2012

What?! Menu fiddling is evolving!?

So haven't updated much. Been trying to fix a few things (and succeeded actualy), but otherwise haven't gotten much farther on Legend. Though in other news...

Yeah, just as blog post says menu fiddling has sorta taken on a life of it's own. Long story short, I farm out a lot of my practice to other files in order not to bloat Legend and work on various aspects there. Right now legend purely has movement and the dungeon generation system as well as the skeleton I've developed to use that. Another file has some enemy AI and playing with more room randomization. Both Legend and this other system have hit a programing wall where the thing I'm working on just takes far too long to work on breaks at work. While I have taken time to work on weekends it's a lot of work and very few things get sorted out. So I started working on some menu work and learned a lot of things.

For one TKinter is not z axis friendly and two animation is a stuff of nightmares mostly as TKinter key binds is threaded. The general idea was to make generic old JRPG where I have keybindings work differently based on screen and started at the "combat" screen. Hit a wall very quickly and realized I needed to get all these ironed out if Legend is going to work like I wanted. So quite a bit of work (that ate up standard legend time) on teh weekend and I think I have the key binding and seperate screen system knowledge that could facilitate a few things. Though this brings up a decision. As it stands I don't have a complete working system for such items.

That brings me to taking on this secondary "rpg roguelike" to get the knowledge down for legends. As a coding basis beyond the horrible problems I ran into so far it's simpler than anything Legend would be doing so it will serve as a stepping stone in actually figuring out more about TKinter before it bites me on the ass again. So legend isn't getting as much work as I want, but I'm hopefully not going to find more frustrating pitfalls in it after I get them all out making something rather simple in comparison.

So far I have random encounters. A somewhat robust loading system for entities invovled, and the ability to select entities. Lots of problems to get to this point but it's been a learning experience. Goals is to use my roguelike room generator to make a "dungeon" to think on some legend problems but this will be ultimately easier as it's just one string of rooms.

With that said I ironed out the moving between room bug I found in Legend. It turns out my efficiency improvement in code had unforeseen consequences. Now to work on getting the doors to other "hallways" to work correctly. To think I was going to start working on tools to get me out of the "no part to work on" spell and realized I needed to figure out how to make an inventory screen which got me here.


  1. Awesome. Keep up the legit work.

  2. I hate when design decisions impact your ability to finish something.

  3. @convictus
    Yeah, I'm also realizing just how little I know about TKinter things but I'm making progress.