Monday, February 27, 2012


More work done, mostly in other roguelike things as  I thought it would be good practice. I got old style Rogue like dungeon rooms (based off some reading) and a bit of line of sight work. Not directly related to project but gets me in the mind set.

What I do have is in the image. A huge mess that I call a hydra ,it's made of necks and heads that shouldn't' be there. To keep this somewhat short I'll breeze over the idea of how dungeons will be generated. a hallway is placed down connecting to it, then one or more hallways are connected to it until finished for the length. This allows hallways to have an order which require puzzles, room cleared of enemies, keys to open the door to go onto the next hallway and so forth until the dungeon is finished.

Problem up there is that should be 3 hallways of 4 rooms. There is a lot more than that in some order I barly understand what it's doing. Probably a simple bug, but would take a long time to find. Lunch breaks don't offer all that time and my weekends are sorta dominated. Though I keep cracking.


  1. I hate having a problem that needs real attention and not having the time to give to it.