Thursday, November 17, 2011

Legacy and Lisp

I'm terrible at updating this but still feel I should, saddly it's a life one.

Works been going a bit slow so I've been asking the other guys on some project to do as "training/downtime" things. I almost regret it, I've herad about it being the back bone for some of the systems but I don't really want to learn it. It being Lisp.

I don't hate lisp, but I just don't like working with it. Python took quite a few things from it but one thing they didn't take was it's general syntax. I was annoyed with python indentation at the start but Lisp acts like the illegitimate offspring of C and assembly. Mostly for it's polish (not even reverse polish) approach to operate syntax. A quick example to show would be a while loop and it's set up.

(setq a 0)
(while (< a 20) (setq a (+ a 1))
  ;worthwhile stuff goes here!
  (print a)

That's a lot of parenthesis for something that counts from 0 to 19. I get it and easily see it becoming maddening balancing them. Thankfully I can farm out a lot of it by setting variables to be functions and going from there. At least it got me learning.


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  2. I only used lisp in My Programming Language Concepts course.

  3. Always good to expand your knowledge. Learning Lisp could help with other languages, or at least let you appreciate them more.

  4. I never even heard of Lisp until now

  5. @mark
    Yes it is, I like expanding my horizons but when it's somewhat cumbersome to debug and write in I don't quite like it.